Mindy McCreadyMindy McCready has filed court papers to reclaim custody of her 4-year-old son, Zander, from her mother Terri, who was appointed the child's guardian in 2007 when Mindy was arrested for violating probation. At the time, Mindy was sentenced to 60 days in jail and turned herself in. After serving just half of her sentence, the singer was released for good behavior.

Mindy, who has since gone through drug and alcohol rehabilitation, will appear in court today, May 19, in Fort Myers, Fla., to re-open the custody case. And when she walks into that courtroom, Mindy will reportedly produce several letters of recommendation, including one from 'Celebrity Rehab's' Dr. Drew Pinsky, who has even contacted social services on the singer's behalf.

"We wanted there to be no question that this case should be reopened and she should be reunited with her son," Mindy's attorney, Jim Moon tells E! News. "She needed to undergo a drug and alcohol evaluation, she needed to undergo a psychological assessment to make sure she was a competent parent, she needed to undergo codependency counseling ... everything she's passed with flying colors."

Even so, regaining custody of Zander won't happen overnight for Mindy, whose arrests, mental health, drug problems and sex life have made tabloid headlines over the years since her mother was awarded custody of her son.

"Naturally, I want Zander to go home with Mindy," says Moon, who is not only expecting a fight from Mindy's mother, but also the child's father, Billy McKnight -- who spent a month in jail for domestic assault on Mindy in 2005. "Do I anticipate that's going to happen tomorrow? Probably not. In all likelihood, she'll be granted a month's worth of unsupervised visits and overnight visits."

And it is Mindy's deepest hope that within two or three months of unsupervised visits and overnights with Zander, she will be able to take him home with her to Nashville, and begin a new life with him for the first time since he was an infant.

Mindy released her fifth album, 'I'm Still Here,' in March -- her first since 2002.

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