Mindy McCready thought she was the most messed-up person on the planet until her appearance on the upcoming third season of 'Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew.'

"I'm not even close," she tells Entertainment Weekly. Mindy credits the show -- which she initially agreed to do to get "a big fat check" -- with saving her life, saying, "I have put myself in harm's way in almost every relationship I'm in. I know now. I'm a beacon for anybody who wants to take advantage of me."

Mindy also talks candidly about the numerous scandals to which she's been linked: the leak of the racy Eric Dane/Rebecca Gayheart/Carrie Ann Peniche tape (which she was accused of stealing), the Roger Clemens affair, and her three suicide attempts, five arrests and two jail stints, saying the latter was the worst experience of her life because of being separated from son Zander, now three years old.

"I have been a train wreck. I have made a lot of mistakes," she admits. Mindy says being beaten by her boyfriend, Billy McKnight, left her brainwashed and suffering from battered woman syndrome during much of the most difficult time of her ordeal. She hopes to serve as an inspiration to other young women out there struggling with similar issues.

"Every woman who has ever been made weak by being abused by a man, every woman who's tried to stand up on her own and been slapped down by the industry, or the world, or her boyfriend, I represent what you can be, if you just keep fighting," she encourages. "I was meant to mess up. Somebody out there knew I could handle it and be an inspiration."

Mindy adds that everything that's happened to her has happened for a reason. As far as her music career goes, the 33-year-old hopes to have a new album out soon, although she is currently unhappy and trying to get out of her deal with Denver label Iconic Records. She plans to write a book, and hopes to develop some future TV ideas with the producers of 'Rehab.'

Season three of 'Celebrity Rehab' premieres Jan. 10, 2010, on VH-1. Other celebrities featured include Mackenzie Phillips and Dennis Rodman.