Martina McBride has released a preview track, 'Suspicious Minds,' off of her upcoming covers album. 

The song is the first glimpse of what fans can expect from 'Everlasting,' an album that McBride says will not be a karaoke record. 'Suspicious Minds' was originally recorded by Elvis Presley, but McBride definitely adds her own twist to the tune, more reminiscent of the version by Dee Dee Warwick.

"There aren't very many female versions of that song," McBride tells USA Today. "It makes sense for a woman to sing it. I focused on the lyrics on this record. This one is about reacting to jealousy and being possessive. Which women can really relate to."

McBride was joined by guitarist Reggie Young, who also played on Presley's recording of the song.

"We really wanted him on that song," McBride says. "[Producer] Don [Was] goes, 'What do you want to play?' Reggie says, 'I can play this or I can play that. Or I can just play what I played on the Elvis record. I was, like, 'Hold up! Take a moment! You don't hear that every day.' It was so cool. So at the very end of the song, he's doing the Elvis lick. So we gave a little nod to both versions."

'Everlasting' is set for release on April 8 on McBride's Vinyl Recordings label.