Love and Theft were in the process of promoting their debut album when they were rudely interrupted. Their record label, Disney-owned Lyric Street, was shut down in April, leaving the trio without a place to call home. The group remains on tour with Tim McGraw, and continues to (in their words) "pimp" their debut album, 'World Wide Open' -- until there's nothing left to pimp, that is!

During a recent interview with WSIX radio's Big D and Bubba in Nashville, Love and Theft talked about the surprise move, with Stephen Barker Liles acknowledging that it took everyone by surprise, leaving their future uncertain.

"We don't really get to keep working on this album," says Brian Bandas.

"We're gonna try to sell the album for as long as we can, until it runs out of its printed copies," adds the recently wed Eric Gunderson.

But all the news is not quite so bleak. "I don't know," muses Eric, "it's kind of a good thing because we now get to record a new album and have new music out there a lot faster than we would have before. We announced that to our fans at a show in Detroit this past weekend and they went crazy."

The guys were able to joke about the situation a little bit, with Stephen doing his best Mickey Mouse impression, and Brian saying, "Mickey Mouse doesn't like Lyric Street Records, apparently, so we're homeless right now."

On a more serious note, Stephen says of Disney and Lyric Street, "They put so much time and money into us and we're so grateful. They got us off to a great start. We've already toured with Jason Aldean, Taylor Swift, and now we're out with Tim McGraw. We're so grateful and we have a great kick-start. They believed in us from top to bottom."

The trio are in talks with "a few different labels," Eric notes, "and we're trying to figure out which one's gonna be the best home for us."

Big D showed his (somewhat) generous spirit, though, asking partner Bubba how much money he had in his pocket, saying, "I want to help the guys out."

Love and Theft will join Tim McGraw and Lady Antebellum on the Southern Voice tour Friday (May 7) in Tampa, and Saturday, May 8, in West Palm Beach, Fla.