Little Big Town have just released a new album, 'Pain Killer,' and they sat down with Walmart Soundcheck to tell the story behind the first single, 'Day Drinking.'

"The inspiration behind 'Day Drinking," Phillip Sweet begins ...

"Was having a good time!" Karen Fairchild finishes with a laugh.

The song is an infectious feel-good track that invites listeners to indulge in a little liquid relaxation, even if it's not all that late in the day: "Don't want to wait 'til the sun's sinking / We could be feeling alright / I know you know what I'm thinking / Why don't we do a little day drinking."

"It's one of those fun moments," Jimi Westbrook says. "It was one of the first things we wrote, and after we got the work tape back from that day, we were like, 'Man, that could be a single!"

The Grammy-award-winning group are also giving away a signed guitar. Visit this link to learn more about the contest, and to unlock chances to enter to win.

Watch Little Big Town's Walmart Soundcheck performance in its entirety here.