Levi Lowrey released a new album, My Crazy Head, in March, and in order to get it into people's hands, he's trying something innovative -- and perhaps slightly crazy.

The singer-songwriter is allowing his fans to share in the profits of sales of the disc, effectively signing a distribution deal with his fans, through a partnership with a company called LOUD.

"No longer will there be a middle man between us," Lowrey says. "We are changing the business for the better. I believe in this model and the possibility for a huge impact on the music industry."

Fans who would like to buy into Lowrey's method will pay $99 for My Crazy Head, then have the ability to distribute the album on their own via social media, email or other digital methods.

"You will receive 100 percent of your profit until you recoup your initial $99," Lowrey explains. "After that, it goes to 50/50. That's right. We are equal partners in this venture. Your 50 percent cut will last for a full year from your signup date."

LOUD also offers a free version of the program, through which fans can earn 10 percent of sales.

Lowrey, who has penned several hits for the Zac Brown Band, including their No. 1 single "Colder Weather," is excited about the new venture.

"As soon as you make a dime, we have made history," he adds. "This has never been done before. I look forward to having you as my partner in this venture. Let's change the world."

Other artists using LOUD include Kick the Robot, Adam Sams and Matthew Mayfield. More information, including how to partner with Lowrey to release My Crazy Head, is available on his website and on JoinLOUD.com.