Lee Ann Womack has released her brand-new single, 'Send It on Down.' The song, from her 'The Way I'm Livin'' album, is a hauntingly beautiful tune about life, loss and longing for escape.

With lines like, "Jesus, can you save me / From going crazy? / I need some help getting out of this town / Are there any answers / Up in the hereafter? / Oh, if you got something, won’t you send it on down / While I’m still able to be found," the rich lyrics and stripped-down accompaniment prove that Womack is still one of the reigning voices in country music.

The songstress says 'The Way I'm Livin'' was the first record she's ever recorded without worrying about what other people might, or might not, enjoy.

“I think what’s called country music, what’s marketed as country music, has definitely changed," Womack explains. "Nothing wrong with that. There’s a lot of people that want to hear that. I am a lover of real country music, what I think is hardcore country music. And I miss that. And I see people all the time that also miss it. So I put a lot of that on this record.”

'The Way I'm Livin'' is nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Country Album. Download the record here.