She had to weather a few storms to get there, but Lee Ann Womack is finally making her debut on the silver screen. The country singer trades glam for grit as a frumpy police deputy in 'Noble Things,' a movie that's been three years in the making.

Production on the film, shot in south Texas, was shut down twice in 2005 -- by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. Filming finally resumed this year, but the crew had to rush to wrap up before Hurricane Gustav hit the area.

"Rita really did wreck plans -- everyone was sent home and there was this thinking that we'd never be able to get the film off the ground again," a movie spokeswoman told IMDB. "Over 80 percent of the locations for filming were damaged by Rita. We had to cancel the entire shoot of the film."

But the movie's writer and director Brett Moses, who also stars in the film as a has-been country singer, refused to give up. He resumed shooting this year, and managed before evacuating for Gustav to capture footage of the storm, which they'll include on the film's DVD.

The movie's soundtrack will feature several songs by Womack, who is also set to release her first new album in three years, 'Call Me Crazy,' on October 21.