Lady Antebellum have released a fun, laid back video for their current single, 'Compass,' off November's deluxe version of 'Golden.'

'Golden' was just released in May, but the band decided to add to the album with three new songs, as well as live versions of some of their hits. 'Compass' is the first single showing what the new songs on the deluxe edition offer fans.

The video features the trio in a party-like setting, having fun while dancing and playing with glow lights. There's no intense plot line to follow while watching, just the band having a good time with fans -- there are even some shots reminiscent of the popular Color Run fun runs, with packets of colored powder being thrown into the crowd.

Band member Hillary Scott, who gave birth to a daughter, Eisele, this summer, says that the song reminds her of her daughter.

"[Eisele] is the first person I thought of when we heard this song," Scott said in October. "It's wanting her to feel like she can always come home and have a safe place at home. I'll just be envisioning her the whole time."