Kristian Bush has released the hysterical video for his single 'Trailer Hitch.' The song, which is the debut single from his upcoming solo project, has a powerful message about the important things in life.

The video shows Bush performing in a bar along with several patrons who seem to have, barely, survived the apocalypse. With missing body parts and enough blood, guts and gore to rival a Halloween costume store, the Tennessee native sings powerful lines like, "I don’t know why, know why / Everybody wanna die rich / Diamonds, champagne / Work your way down that list / We try, everybody tries / Tries to fit into that ditch / You can’t take it with you when you go / Never seen a hearse with a trailer hitch."

'Trailer Hitch' is Bush's first tune on his own; his Sugarland partner Jennifer Nettles released her own 'That Girl' album earlier this year. His return to music as a solo artist, after co-headlining the duo for the past 10 years, is a welcome change, even if it came as a surprise to some people.

“Fans are like, ‘Oh my gosh, I didn’t know you could sing,’” he admits. “And I’m like, ‘Yeah, yeah, thank you!’ Then a few minutes later they’re like, ‘Wait, why haven’t you sang the whole time?’ I’m like, ‘Look, if you’re in a band with Eddie Van Halen, you let him play guitar!’ But it’s fun to watch people discover something that’s been standing next to them the whole time.”

Bush has plenty of shows on the calendar for the remainder of the year. See his schedule here, and download 'Trailer Hitch' here.