Sugarland fans may have been surprised to find out that Kristian Bush can sing, but the artist says that's been one of his favorite things about beginning his solo career.

"Fans are like, 'Oh my gosh, I didn't know you could sing,'" he tells People. "And I'm like, 'Yeah, yeah, thank you!' Then a few minutes later they're like, 'Wait, why haven't you sang the whole time?' I'm like, 'Look, if you're in a band with Eddie Van Halen, you let him play guitar!' But it's fun to watch people discover something that's been standing next to them the whole time."

Bush played guitar alongside Jennifer Nettles' vocals for nearly 10 years while in Sugarland. Both artists have begun to pursue solo ventures, with Nettles releasing 'That Girl' in January and Bush planning the release of his own solo album.

Also on the list of things he loves about being solo? Not having to share the vegetable plate or wait for Nettles to shower before he can after a show.

"You always let the lady go first," he says.

Bush just released the single 'Trailer Hitch,' a feel-good tune that is reminiscent of Sugarland's sound, but feels completely different with Bush at the helm.

"You should get to know me now, I'm better than I ever was," he says.