Kip Moore returned to one of his first hits for his performance at the 2014 ACM Awards. The New Artist of the Year nominee sang 'Somethin' 'Bout a Truck' from his debut 'Up All Night' album, which was released in 2012.

The song was a  big hit for the Georgia native, earning platinum status, signifying sales in excess of one million units.

“It was validation for me that I was smart to stick to my guns and believe in myself all those years when it looked like nothing was happening," he says of the honor. "So often I wanted to cash in my chips and say, ‘At least I played,’ but I kept grinding and kept writing and writing and writing, and kept believing that at some point it was going to work. So it’s a grateful moment to me that I kept my faith.”

Based on Moore's performance tonight, chances are good he will soon be a mainstay at awards shows. The singer is competing with Justin Moore and Brett Eldredge for the New Artist of the Year trophy.