Kip Moore fans will soon have a chance to get a behind-the-scenes look into his life, both on and off the stage. The singer will be part of a new documentary, 'Introducing: Kip Moore,' which will air on GAC next month.

The upcoming television project includes insights from Moore, as well as contributions from his manager, producer and best friend.

“People ask who I am as an artist, who I am as a person,” the singer explains. “I don’t ever want to tell them who I am; you can find that out in the music.”

The documentary covers the highs and lows of Moore's career and personal life, including his journey from being an unemployed surfer, living in Hawaii, to becoming a platinum-selling country music star. But while the 33-year-old has earned a reputation for being one of the hardest working musicians in country music, he says his late father, who played Willie Nelson, Bob Seger and Bruce Springsteen in the car while taking his son fishing, deserves much of the credit for his success.

“All that time -- really without me knowing it -- listening to those records, fishing and all that stuff soaking in me shaped me not only as a person, but as a writer,” he maintains.

'Introducing: Kip Moore,' which was filmed over a six-month period, will also give viewers a rare glimpse into his personal life, including footage of the one room he rents that he currently calls home. His modest digs seem to suit him just fine, since he certainly isn't spending much time there. When the 'Hey Pretty Girl' singer isn't performing all over the country, including serving as the opening act on Toby Keith's Hammer Down tour, he is in the studio, working on his next album. But while his debut album, 'Up All Night,' spawned three No. 1 hits, he insists he isn't afraid of the dreaded sophomore slump.

“I never set out to write this or write that like I used to. I now write when I feel inspired.”  Moore states. “You can’t live your life trying to please people. You be courteous and you be respectful, but you’ve got to do things in the way that you want to do them.”

'Introducing: Kip Moore' will premiere on Sunday, Sept. 1 at 11:30PM ET, on Great American Country.