Kellie Pickler will release her second album, titled simply 'Kellie Pickler,' on September 30. The set -- which will feature current single 'Don't You Know You're Beautiful' and 'Best Days of Your Life,' which Pickler penned with Taylor Swift -- also will include a tune she wrote with Chris Tompkins and Josh Kear, the team behind Carrie Underwood's 'Before He Cheats.'

"We wrote a song called 'Rocks Instead of Rice,'" Pickler says. "It's like, if you've ever been to a wedding and you weren't a fan of the bride or the groom, you'd much rather be throwing rocks instead of rice. We've been doing it in our shows, and everybody just loves it."

Pickler is now trying to juggle touring with recording, as she still has a couple more tracks to cut for the album. Luckily, her producer Chris Lindsey is quite accommodating.

"Because I'm on the road for six weeks," she says, "Chris is going to fly out to one of the cities that I'm in so we can finish."