She's way too young to remember Tiffany, but country singing sensation Katie Armiger is following in the '80s pop sensation's footsteps. The 18-year-old songbird has embarked on a mall tour (remember Tiffany's?), stopping at shopping centers in major cities across the country this summer.

Katie has teamed up with The Boot to bring us exclusive photos and commentary from her tour. This first photo (above) was taken just before her first mall stop.

"When they showed me the bus, I was blown away," Katie tells us. "It's one thing to see your name so large, but to have my face on the side was really amazing. It made me so excited that the tour is really going to happen! For the past three years, we've been living out of rental cars ... this bus is a dream come true."

Katie is pictured above with Richard Ortiz-Luis of Ladera Ranch, Calif. Richard won a Simon gift card at Katie's stop at his hometown mall, and he promptly used it to purchase a video game.

"I was so excited that Richard won the contest," says Katie. "Richard has perfect attendance at school and is a straight A student. Of course, we went straight to Game Stop and bought Rockband ... then he wanted to go to the Food Court to spend some major money on food."

Katie rocks a splashy pink backdrop at her mall concerts. Here she is performing at the Coddingtown Mall in Santa Rosa, Calif.

"I love performing live, so this mall tour is amazing for me," Katie gushes. "People are coming and going with shopping at the mall and some of them dance along, which is exactly what I want to happen. It means they are having a good time right along with me."

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The Boot will have more tour photos and commentary from Katie next Monday!