Kacey Musgraves gave one of the most memorable performances during this week's live broadcast of the CMA Awards. The singer sang her brand-new tune, 'Follow Your Arrow,' from her debut album, 'Same Trailer, Different Park.'

But while her performance of the song earned thunderous applause, viewers at home wondered if she was experiencing technical difficulties when the sound was muted just as she was singing the lines, "When the straight and narrow gets a little too straight / Roll up a joint, or don't." The audio dropped out during "roll up a joint." The Texan confirms the network chose to mute that line for the millions of viewers at home.

“Well, I guess for some reason, people feel the need to censor that word, yet they decide to leave the word ‘crack’ in there," she says (quote via Country Weekly). "I’m not really sure why. Honestly, to me, ‘Follow Your Arrow’ is just a really positive anthem, encouraging people of all kinds to do whatever makes them happy across the board. I was really happy to be up there with my band and being a part of this.”

The reigning CMA New Artist of the Year has already stirred up controversy with the lyrics of the song, especially the line, "Kiss lots of girls / If that's something you're into." But the 25-year-old passionately defends the message behind the tune.

“I know a lot of people don’t really agree with those things, especially in the South," she concedes to The Boot. "But there’s actually a lot less criticism towards that song than I imagined. I’ll play it at shows where there’s a huge age range of people and even the older people are getting into it. More than anything, even if they don’t agree with the girls kissing girls thing or even the drug reference, I would hope that they would agree that no matter what, we all should be able to love who we want to love and live how we want to live.”

Musgraves can sing the lyrics to 'Follow Your Arrow' as loud as she wants as she continues her headlining tour this month with shows in Mississippi and Texas. See all of her upcoming shows here.