Josh Thompson purchased his first tour bus earlier this year, and so he is having to put his old road vehicle, a 2006 white Ford E350 Econoline van, which he lovingly nicknamed 'Van-a-White,' out to pasture. The 'Beer on the Table' singer traveled more than 175,000 miles in just over three years in the road weary van before breaking up with "her."

"We had us a talk, and I told her, 'I'm going to clean you up, and I'm going to put all your seats back in," Josh jokingly explains. "You're going to smell good -- again -- for the first time in three years, and you're not going to have five hairy, smelly guys riding with you for like 10,000 miles at a time. We're going to put a little 'For Sale' sign on you and give you to somebody that is going to use you, and you can brighten their life.' So, that's what we did. No more road for her." [laughs].

You can find Josh riding the charts with his current single 'Way out Here' and on the road with Brad Paisley's H20 World Tour. Click here for tour dates.