Josh Thompson likes it hot. The 32-year-old says summer is his favorite season, but thanks to his soaring career, he doesn't get to enjoy it as much as he used to.

"I love to fish and be outside anywhere, getting the vitamin D in my skin, and getting some sunshine," he says (quote via CMIL). "So whether that's out by a pool or fishing or hiking or doing something outside, I just love to get outdoors and get some color. No neon tans. I hate being pale. I've been so dark my whole life -- all summer -- because I always worked outside and was outside from the end of May until November, so come August I was dark. But now, I don't spend that much time outside."

On the road as part of Brad Paisley's water-filled H2O World tour, Josh says he knows exactly how he hopes to spend his few days off. "I like to put on my bikini and go to the beach with my Bacardi 'little umbrella' drink and see if anybody will rub some lotion on my back and catch some rays," he says jokingly (we hope). "It's a camo bikini, so I shouldn't be looked down upon because of my choice of swimwear."

Thankfully, for fans of Josh's music, most of his days will be spent crossing the country instead of lounging on the sand. The tour runs through the end of September, after which Josh hints he may join fellow opening act -- and good buddy -- Justin Moore on a tour of their own. Click here for the H2O World tour schedule.

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