John Rich can't seem to stay on the right side of the law lately. After his arrest last week following an alleged assault on aspiring singer Jared Ashley, the country star is under fire again for alleged rowdy behavior at a popular Nashville restaurant.

Around 2:45 AM Tuesday morning, John reportedly walked into Cafe Coco and ordered a beer. The bartender informed him that he would have to finish his beverage by 3:00 AM, per state laws. John then asked to borrow a guitar, and began playing a few songs for the remaining patrons inside the bar, including a local TV news crew and a police sergeant. At 3:00 AM, while John was in the middle of a Roger Miller song, the bartender asked John to give up his beer, which he was unwilling to do.

"You don't interrupt me when I'm playing a Roger Miller song," John said defiantly, according to The server responded by saying, "I'll just take it then," which caused John to angrily grab the beer bottle from the server's hands and throw it over a fence, right in front of the police sergeant.

The officer advised John that he needed to leave immediately, which he did, without any criminal charges.