Joey+RoryJoey + Rory are poking fun at the music industry and their critics as they prepare for their sophomore release, aptly titled 'Album Number Two,' on September 14.

"We've sold a lot of our first record ['The Life of a Song'] and we even had a hit, but now the big-wigs back in Nashville say we need to kick it up a bit," the husband-and-wife team say in a humorously-worded statement. "Our new image consultant says we need a fresh hairdo ... as if that's gonna make-or-break 'Album Number Two.'"

All kidding aside, the duo have kicked things up a bit thanks to some writing Rory did with Zac Brown, leader and front man of the Zac Brown Band, when they were on the group's 'Breaking Southern Ground' tour. Joey+Rory's first single from the new album, 'This Song's for You,' was written by Rory and Zac and also features Zac on the tune. It's described as a working man's anthem offering a tip of the hat to country music fans and concertgoers.

Fans will soon get to see a video of the single, which was shot near the couple's farm in Pottsville, Tenn.

"We just want to be who we are, nothing more and nothing less," says Joey, "and sometimes that means speaking our minds."

"Our plan for this new record is the same as it's always been," adds Rory. "To show up, do what we do and hope that magic happens."

The couple has had a busy summer with non-music related fun as well, according to a recent blog posting by Rory: "Our little restaurant Marcy Jo's is going great. When I can, I still come down and put on an apron and pitch in and bake breads or wait tables. Rory still goes down there from breakfast every day when he's at home and has coffee with his local friends and visits with all the folks that come in from out of town and even out of state, a lot of the time. So if you passing through our area, please stop in for breakfast or lunch."

For a free download of 'This Song's for You,' click here.

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