Joe Nichols has one heck of a work ethic. The 'Yeah' singer is crossing the country on tour in support of his latest album, 'Crickets,' and refused to stop working, even after he had extensive back surgery.

Nichols, who says he injured his lower back from long distance running, had to have some bone cut away from his bottom vertebrae, as well as have some ligaments removed.

“I want you pretty much on your back for at least two weeks and your healing time should take about three months," the singer tells the Country Vibe his doctor ordered.

But Nichols chose not to listen, and hit the road only four days later.

“I gotta work," he told his doctor. "I gotta go back to work on Friday. I have babies to feed. I can’t just not do anything for two weeks.”

Needless to say, the doctor wasn't very pleased with the 37-year-old's plans.

“I highly advise you not to do that," Nichols recounts the doctor's advice. “[But] I told him, ‘The show’s gotta go on. I highly advise myself to do it. I’ll be in pain, but it’ll be worth it, because like I said, I’ve got babies to feed.’”

According to Nichols, the hardest part of his recovery hasn't been performing in front of thousands of fans while in pain. It's been not being able to pick up his two-year-old daughter, Dylan, because he can't lift anything over ten pounds.

Dylan joins baby sister Georgia at home, who was born in May.

Nichols will head to Nebraska and Wisconsin this weekend. See a list of all of his upcoming shows here.

Best wishes to Nichols for a speedy recovery!