Joe Nichols and his wife, Heather, are the proud parents of a newborn baby girl.

Nichols took to social media on Tuesday (May 20) to share the good news with fans.

Nichols first announced the pregnancy in January. Georgia is the couple's second daughter together, joining two-year-old sister Dylan. Nichols has another daughter, 15-year-old Ashelyn, from a previous relationship.

Heather suffered five miscarriages before finally giving birth to Dylan in 2012.

“It’s like my body was allergic to babies, really,” she explains. “Every time I would get pregnant, it would immediately start fighting the pregnancy. Through various different ways, my body will do that. My body would treat the baby as if it was a cold or a virus.”

“[This baby is] a second miracle,” Nichols said in April. “Heather had to go through all that again — the appointments and treatments — but she is feeling great, getting big and the baby is moving like crazy.”

Congratulations to the Nichols family!