Jaron of Jaron and the Long Road to Love made his late-night TV debut Tuesday night (July 27), performing his hit single 'Pray for You' on 'The Tonight Show With Jay Leno.' The Boot caught up with the singer the day after his performance to get the low-down on the behind-the-scenes action we didn't see on TV.

Some of Jaron's die-hard frans (fans+friends) may have noticed that the singer was a little lighter up top from a haircut he had the day before the filming of 'Leno.' "There was a really cute girl who was doing the hair on a photo shoot the day before," Jaron tells The Boot. "She was like, 'Oh, I'll give you a little bit of a trim.' I kept going back for like two hours to have her keep cutting it shorter and shorter and shorter just so I could hang out with her. Everybody was asking me, 'How short do you want to go?' I was like, 'Well I really didn't want a haircut at all!' [laughs]"

So did Jaron score the cute girl's digits? "No, I didn't get her number," he says with laughter. "It's just funny how people think there's all this thought behind so many decisions. Then you come to find out I only got a haircut because I was flirting with the girl cutting my hair, and I wanted to spend more time with her!"

While Jaron says the energy of doing a live show is great, he admits the downside of performing on televised talk shows is having to stop after just one song. "I'm just a live show guy. I like to be able to play a set. It's always hard when you have to get up and just play one song. It's not like a real performance. I'm just playing one song, and it's over. It's not like there's any feeling out the audience, and then thinking, 'Oh, they liked that song so now I'm going to do this song.' For those shows, you're not really working off the audience's energy; you're bringing your own, and that's how it's going to be. That's just the format of those shows."

Besides having a band backing him for the performance, Jaron also had a special guest waiting in the wings cheering him on. "My twin brother [Evan] was with me backstage hanging out," Jaron says. "It was nice to have him there with me. We were joking a little bit about sending him up there to sing for me."

And wile TV appearances can be nerve-wracking, luckily for Jaron, his nerves were calm. "I never get nervous before a performance just because I've been doing it for so long. I get more excited than anything. I love to perform. In show business there are two rules: never go on after children or animals. I followed both [on the show] so I had that working against me! [laughs]"

Jaron's current single, 'Pray for You,' is still heating up the country charts where it remains one of the hottest downloaded songs on iTunes. His full-length album, 'Getting Dressed in the Dark' debuted at No. 2 earlier this month. Look for Jaron and the Long Road to Love out on the road this summer with Toby Keith and Trace Adkins as part of the American Ride tour.