Standing squarely at at six-foot-five-inches, James Otto wouldn't need any help if he found himself in a proverbial dark alley. Granted, the married father of one's kind nature and soothing voice, heard in heartfelt songs like 'Just Got Started Lovin' You,' make him seem anything but intimidating.

Perhaps that's why he felt the need to beef up his Halloween costume a few years back. "I went as 'tough s---,'" he tells The Boot. "I wore a big feces costume with big tough arms and gold chains like Mr. T. It was incredible."

And what did his wife, Amy, think of this? "She went as a one night stand," he recalls with a laugh. "She was a night stand with some change on it, and I think a condom and stuff. It was a funny costume."

Would James call this his favorite costume? "Tough s--- was probably my worst costume ever, but it was funny," he says.

"Halloween had to be my favorite holiday, other than the getting presents part of Christmas," James remembers. "You don't really know the meaning of Christmas until you get older. Halloween was always the most fun because I got to go trick-or-treating with my friends, and everybody would get dressed up. Free candy is always good, too. Just a fun night of slightly scary entertainment."

Although, he can't recall any great costumes from his childhood. "I've had some really bad costumes, actually," he says. "I can't remember any cool ones."

The reason for his memory lapse might be related to the pressures and responsibility of being a new daddy. His first child, Ava Katherine Otto, made her debut August 24. "She is beautiful like her Mama and I am already wrapped around her tiny finger," he said after her birth. "I am so grateful I made it home in time to be here for her arrival -- it has truly already changed our lives."

One of those changes are impending holiday plans. "We're playing on Halloween, as we usually are, but we've already got outfits for the baby," he tells The Boot. "There are multiple outfits. There's one where she's dressed like a pumpkin, and we're still looking at some other stuff, but it will be something sweet."

Does this mean no Addams Family costumes for little Ava? "I don't want to dress her up all scary looking," he assures. "You can't get away from the cute stuff, though. It's so hilarious to see them dressed up like that."

In addition to the birth of his daughter, James has been busy these last few weeks. Most recently, he was in Los Angeles to perform at the California AIDS Walk fundraising concert, and his latest album, 'Shake What God Gave Ya,' was released September 24.