James House has released a new video, and he's sharing it with readers of The Boot first.

The song is the lead single from his new album, ‘Broken Glass Twisted Steel,’ which is a combination of songs he wrote that were made famous by other artists, including Diamond Rio, Martina McBride and Dwight Yoakam, as well as some brand-new songs. House co-produced the new set of tunes with Michael Bradford, whose lengthy list of credits includes Kid Rock and Uncle Kracker.

“I love everything about making music," the singer-songwriter says. "There have been ups and downs, but that’s where the songs come from.”

The 59-year-old put his twist on some of his most beloved songs for his latest album.

“I wanted to take [Diamond Rio's] ‘In a Week or Two’ and ‘Ain’t That Lonely Yet’ and ‘Broken Wing’ and surround them with some other songs that I always loved,” he explains of 'Broken Glass Twisted Steel.' “For instance, ‘King of Nothing’ was recorded by the Warren Brothers. I always loved that track and played it live forever. ‘Here’s to You’ was on my [self-titled] 1989 record and I never was crazy about my vocal and performance on that record, so this was my chance to get it right.”

'Broken Glass Twisted Steel' is being released on his own Victor House Records. Download the album here.