Country music fans may not know the name James House, but they certainly recognize his music. The singer-songwriter, who released one Top 10 hit as an artist, 'This Is Me Missing You,' also penned some of the genre's biggest hits, including Martina McBride's 'A Broken Wing' and Dwight Yoakam's 'Ain't That Lonely Yet.'

Now, House is releasing his own album, 'Broken Glass Twisted Steel,' that includes his own spin on some of his hits made famous by other artists, along with some brand-new tunes.

“I wanted to take [Diamond Rio's] ‘In a Week or Two' and ‘Ain’t That Lonely Yet’ and ‘Broken Wing’ and surround them with some other songs that I always loved,” he tells Country Weekly. “For instance, ‘King of Nothing’ was recorded by the Warren Brothers. I always loved that track and played it live forever. ‘Here’s to You’ was on my [self-titled] 1989 record and I never was crazy about my vocal and performance on that record, so this was my chance to get it right.”

The California native says he had the inspiration to record his own record after a remix of 'This Is Me Missing You' recently became a hit overseas.

"Back in November, I got an email from a fan who said ‘This Is Me Missing You’ is number one on the UK dance charts," he recalls to Billboard magazine. "My first thought was that somebody covered it. I emailed back and asked who cut it, and they said ‘Nobody. It was our track.’ I investigated, and indeed it was number one."

He adds, "I thought if there was ever be a great time to do another record, this was it."

It's a big week for House. In addition to the release of 'Broken Glass Twisted Steel,' he is also making his debut on the stage of the Grand Ole Opry.

"I’m not sure why that didn’t happen back in the 90s. I’ve actually been on that stage -- with George Jones and Tammy Wynette on their last tour, but I’ve never done the Opry," he says. "It’s a huge honor. I’m flying my mother out from Oregon. She’s so proud she can’t stand it. I’m glad I can share this with her. As soon as I wanted to have a guitar, she was right there. She’s been my biggest fan, and my father too. I can’t wait."

Download 'Broken Glass Twisted Steel' here.