Jack Ingram can get as 'Barefoot and Crazy' as he wants, but when he's playing in Arroyo Grande, Calif., that craziness can't include copious amounts of alcohol -- or, as it turns out, even one drop of the stuff.

Jack appeared at the Clark Center for the Performing Arts in February, and had requested 72 bottles of beer, a bottle of red wine and a bottle each of Jameson, Jack Daniels and Jim Beam whiskey for his crew. But the Clark Center Association says they had to turn down the singer's requests since the venue doesn't allow alcohol.

The requests made by artists appearing at concert venues are referred to as "riders" -- clauses inserted into the performer's contract which often make specific requests of the venue staff for everything from an on-site massage therapist (asked for by Paul Simon) to special carpeting in the dressing room (a request of folk singer Joan Baez). The majority of requests, however, are related to specific food and beverages.

Last summer, Toby Keith, who headlined the California Mid-State Fair, reportedly handed fair staffers $100 bills, sending them in search of corn dogs, garlic fries and turkey legs.

"He didn't want catering. He didn't want special food. He wanted fair food," Tom Keffury, the fair's marketing director, tells the San Luis Obispo Tribune.

Alan Jackson, who also appeared at the Fair last year, even made an offer to trade some T-shirts for Bud Light Lime and Shock Top beer.

Among the most notorious backstage requests is rock band Van Halen's 1982 rider, which asked for M&M chocolate candies, but specifically forbade the inclusion of brown M&Ms in the bunch.

Popular website The Smoking Gun publishes the concert riders of more than 250 acts in all musical genres, including several country artists, such as Taylor Swift, whose food requirements include frozen soy beans, and Hank Williams Jr., who asked for an armed police officer and a stretch limo no more than two years old to escort his concert producer to the venue.

We'll stick with Jack Ingram, as long as he isn't going back to Arroyo Grande any time soon!