JAck IngramEverybody is entitled to have their own opinion when it comes to music. Some artists may take it personally, but in Jack Ingram's case, he actually doesn't want you to like him!

"I want people to hate me," Jack tells GAC. "There are more people who hate Aerosmith than know who I am. I want people to make a choice. That means I'm making art that might leave a stamp. That's cool by me."

However, Jack quickly adds with laughter that he doesn't want to be harmed by those people who don't care for him!

"I mean, I don't want people to beat me up or come chase me and come tell me they hate me, but I do want people to make a choice about my music and buy in ... or opt out," he explains. "It's art. You can think whatever you want about my music, Aerosmith's music, Kenny Chesney's music, Taylor Swift's music ... I don't care because I know what I'm doing is right for me, and I know that I do have an audience that's growing, and people like what I do."

The singer says that he is content with the way things are going in the music business and is grateful for any and all ways to get his music to his fans.

"There's more freedom out there now. There's more ways to get your music out there. Whether they hear me play it live, buy it on the computer -- however you get your music -- I'm just glad you get it," he says. "Every time I make a record, I'm very attached to it, and I'm very proud of it, but my best song is the last one I wrote and the next one I'm going to write. In my mind, that's what I'm concerned with."

Jack is out on the road with the Eli Young Band and Gary Allan. His current single, 'Free,' is one of our top picks for 2010 (so far). Check out our list here and tell us which song is your favorite so far this year.

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