The title track of former Trick Pony lead singer Heidi Newfield's solo album says it all. 'What Am I Waiting For' was written in 2006, during what would be the last songwriting session for Newfield and her band mates Keith Burns and Ira Dean. Days later, she was waiting no longer, and announced her departure from the group, setting her sights on a solo career.

"I felt that I had been painted into a corner, and I wanted to be able to branch out," says Newfield. "I wanted to depart from that simply because I felt that I could do more."

Apparently, Heidi's fans and fellow artists shared that feeling with her. Her debut solo single, 'Johnny and June,' is nearing the Top 20, and even had Taylor Swift blogging about it after seeing Heidi at this year's ACM Awards. "I have a total song crush on that song. Brilliantly written," Swift shared with her fans.
What Am I Waiting For' was produced by Tony Brown (George Strait, Reba McEntire), who committed to the project after a three-hour meeting with Newfield.

"We just clicked," she recalls. "Right away I think he got my song sensibility, and was right on track with it. Loved that I wanted to step out from what I had been doing, kind of get out of the bar room for a minute."

As for Trick Pony, according to the group's official website, the band's only remaining member, Keith Burns, is currently in the studio with producer James Stroud, working on a new Trick Pony project.