Gwyneth Paltrow has fallen in love with Nashville.

After spending the past three months in Music City, working on the upcoming film, 'Love Don't Let Me Down' with Tim McGraw, the Academy Award-winning actress fell so head-over-heels that she took to her blog to write in detail about her favorite places to eat, favorite places to go dancing and where to go to hear the best live country music.

"I just spent a few months living and working in Nashville, Tennessee, which was an incredible experience," Gwyneth writes. "As I'm apt to do, I researched, ate, drank, tried and asked my way around the city 'til I found the best spots it has to offer. Never have I met such warm people, heard such good music, eaten so much fried chicken ... I could go on and on ... it's pretty damn great."

Among Gwyneth's 'great places to eat' for fried chicken was Swett's, recommended to her by co-star, Tim McGraw.

The restaurant's specialty is "meat and three" -- your choice of meat with three side items, among them collard greens, macaroni and cheese, mashed potatoes, apple or peach pie and more.

"The fried chicken here is superb," Gwyneth writes. "Crunchy and not oily on the outside, and juicy on the inside."

There was also the Whiskey Kitchen, about which Gwyneth raves, "The sweet potato fries are delicious, the fried chicken sliders do the trick, the [biscuits] are the best that I sampled in the city of Nashville, and the oysters on the half shell come with a shot of Bloody Mary. What more could you ask for?"

Perhaps, a little bluegrass with dinner at the famous Loveless Cafe!

"On Wednesday nights, the Loveless Barn lights up with a concert of country and bluegrass big-names, 'Music City Roots: Live From The Loveless Cafe,' Gwyneth writes. "I went there and had dinner -- their food is delicious, a traditional southern heart attack -- and stayed for the show."

Gwyneth's hands-down favorite place to go honky-tonk dancing after dinner was Robert's Western World on lower Broadway downtown.

"This low-key bar has live music every night, bringing couples young and old out to showcase their skills on the dance floor," she writes. "It's a great place to go on weeknights, since it gets rowdier on the weekend, as it is located right on the main strip."

There was also the down-home charm of the Station Inn.

"Don't be fooled by the bare-bones exterior," she writes. "This is the best venue for bluegrass. Period. They don't take reservations and it's first come, first serve and doors open at 7 PM, so be sure to line up early. When it fills up, they stick a paper plate on the door that says, 'Sold Out.' One of the nights I went, I saw Jim Lauderdale, one of the best and most well-respected local singer/songwriters, and his band play some rockin' bluegrass. I went with a bunch of musicians that night and they were truly blown away by the music. The Time Jumpers, who play there on most Monday nights, are also truly worth catching, if you get a chance."

And like any country singer worthy of their roots will tell you, it was the Ryman Auditorium ("A must-experience concert venue for its spectacular acoustics.") and the Grand Ole Opry which reached the actress deep to her core.

"I saw the amazing Emmylou Harris, Carrie Underwood and Vince Gill, just so you have an idea of the kind of all-star casts the Opry always hosts," she writes. "The entire show is broadcast live every Saturday on WSM-AM at 7 PM and is the longest running radio show in history. People say the Opry is touristy, and this is true ... but it is at the same time absolutely authentic, and the quality of the concerts is truly remarkable."

Filming for 'Love Don't Let Me Down' wrapped earlier this month, and the cast and crew celebrated with a wrap party in Nashville. Party-goers sang karaoke, and Gwyneth joined in, hopping onstage to sing 'Killing Me Softly,' which can be seen here.

'Love Don't Let Me Down' is expected to hit theaters later this year.