The Boot is pleased to introduce Moonsville Collective as October's Guest Room Sessions artist, performing "Richland Woman Blues" by American country-blues singer Mississippi John Hurt.

"We love many of the old bluesmen -- their songs, their grit and their stories," Moonsville Collective co-founder Ryan Welch tells The Boot. "The old recordings of many of the Delta blues musicians is a sound and a feeling that inspires us; it takes us somewhere good."

Moonsville Collective's cover of "Richland Woman Blues" also features a special guest: their longtime friend, Tim Hill.

"We chose him as our guest because we like how he plays harmonica," says Welch, "and he was skinny enough to fit into that small kitchen with the rest of us."

The seven-piece band captures the spirit of the bluesy song in a very intimate setting: Welch's own kitchen, in Long Beach, Calif. Some may think it strange to film in a tiny kitchen, but Welch explains, "We chose to film the song in this spot because there were chairs and a table and ceiling fan -- everything we needed."

Moonsville Collective certainly prove that they had everything they needed in that kitchen to turn out a great rendition of "Richland Woman Blues."

"With rosy red garters, pink hose on my feet / Turkey red bloomer, with a rumble seat / Hurry down, sweet daddy, come blowin' your horn / If you come too late, sweet mama will be gone," sings Welch.

Moonsville Collective were formed in 2011; their new self-produced studio album, Heavy Howl, is set for release on Oct. 30. Influenced by old-school sounds, the group has interpreted older influences and re-imagined them in a new way, and their upcoming record is an intriguing melting pot, featuring tinges of gospel, country, Louisiana groove, Appalachian folk, Southern blues and more.

Fans can pre-order Heavy Howl on the band's website,