Whoever said that performers who put on high-energy shows are usually exhausted afterward haven't seen the members of Gloriana after a gig.

After their April 29 show with Taylor Swift and Kellie Pickler in Lexington, Ky., Gloriana's Cheyenne Kimball, Tom Gossin, Rachel Reinert and Mike Gossin gathered for an online chat with fans. Singing, joking, and horsing around was intermingled with answers from the more than 700 fans who submitted questions. Here are some highlights:

On playing sold-out arenas compared to smaller venues, Mike says: "We have been a band for about three years now, and we love both. Three nights of the week, we do these sold-out arenas and we [play in front of] 19,000 people but then its always fun to do these smaller shows that are more intimate, where there are 200 to 500 people."

On watching videos posted by fans, Mike says: "I'm usually one of the first people up on the bus -- we have our whole crew there. One of the first things I do is grab 'Lucky Charms' [cereal] ... and watch the [posted fan] videos. So yes, we absolutely watch those videos all the time."

On whether their work is tiring, Rachel says: "There are times when it is a little draining, especially when you wake up at 6 a.m. and have to go here and you have to go there, and you have to sustain all this energy until midnight. It does get a little tiring. I heard Taylor say that once upon a time ... We love our jobs, we love what we do, and for us we are very high-energy people. We love to talk and hang out."

On the number of tattoos he has, Mike says: "I have a bunch and it kind of got to a point where they stopped being countable ... Mom is not a big fan of them, and every time I come home she says, 'Did you get another?' ... I have a bunch, they are personal markers of my life and reminders of what I was going through at the time of my life. I love them."

Cheyenne says: We all have tattoos. I have five little tiny tattoos, so if you have suggestions on what I should get, send them my way."

On her favorite place to shop, Cheyenne says: "Urban Outfitters is one of my favorites. I live there. We have one in Nashville that just opened. And whenever we stop at a mall, I run to people and ask, 'Is their an Urban Outfitters here?' I love [designer] Betsy Johnson. And I love thrift stores. I love that you'll find things you don't usually see but you can find them and kind of make them your own."

On their favorite foods at McDonalds, Tom says: "I sleep in the middle bunk and ... our bass player sleeps in the bunk above me. [I found a] McDonald's fries box under his pillow. But the point I want to make is that those fries are so good, just seeing the box today, I almost lost it. I almost went to find a McDonald's in Lexington, I love them so."

The other band member's favorite McDonald's foods: Mike: Apple Pie; Rachel: Chicken McNuggets; Cheyenne: Chicken McNuggets, Fries and an Oreo McFlurry.

On sports, Cheyenne says: I am so bad at sports; I can't even bowl. I scored a 22 when we fan bowled the other day. Some fans have fan bowled with us and we have professional 'Gloriana' bowler shirts. You would think I would be good with that on, but it just doesn't work for me. I tried bowling with my right hand, I tried bowling with my left hand. Guys, what am I doing wrong?!"

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