Faith HillFaith Hill has launched her second line of perfume in less than a year. Faith Hill 'True' follows her eponymous scent that came out in stores last October.

According to the video advertisement, True is "inspired by casual sensuality femininity. Faith Hill True embodies a woman's incredible sense of self-pure, honest, and unabashed. Opening with a burst of exotic citrus, Faith Hill True weaves a breezy floral middle and finished with a woodsy base of warmth and subtle sexuality."

In a world where such advertising often draws derisive comments, Faith's website for the fragrance is filled with such adoring posts as the following:

"Wow! Love the just you look. True!" by Barb P.

"I need another Faith fragrance to get addicted to. Yay!!!" by Lisa P."

"Wonder if we'll get more chats and maybe a TV commercial?" Tanya S.

Scoff if you want, but the beautiful photos of Faith in the 'True' advertisements, the 'Behind the Scenes' video of the photography shoot and some webisodes on the same page -- where Faith discusses "what the world needs" and "in what ways have you become like your mother?" -- make onlookers feel as if Faith is just one of them.

For one thing, Faith doesn't always appear perfect in each photo. In the webisode about becoming like your mother, Faith faces the camera directly, looking beautiful but in a very casual way with minimal make up and upswept hair. Watch Faith's 'True' moments here.

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