Easton Corbin was the man of honor at a party in Nashville on Friday, November 19, to celebrate the chart-topping success of his second straight No. 1 hit, 'Roll With It,' which is also his second career single. His debut 'A Little More Country Than That' also went to the top of the country charts earlier this year.

"That's pretty rare, I guess," Easton tells The Boot of his back-to-back No. 1s. "It's been a cool ride so far. It's hard enough to get one No. 1 out of the box, so to have two, that's another dream come true. It's been a great year. I don't think I could ask for anything any better."

After hearing 'Roll With It,' which was written by David Lee, Tony Lane and Johnny Park, Easton felt himself reminiscing about growing up in the Sunshine State. "The song really resonated with me and reminded me of being in Florida and going to the beach on the weekend, or maybe hanging out on the weekend with your buddies," the newcomer explains. "It was one of those songs that was a fun, upbeat, throw-your-cares-out-the-window song. And, of course, I thank the songwriters for letting me cut it!"

With both of his singles topping the charts, Easton seems to have a pretty good idea of what kinds of songs fit him and what tunes make him relatable to the country listener. "They've got to mean something to me," he says. "I have heard a lot of great songs out there, but they don't fit who I am and they don't relate to me."

For his third single, Easton chose the emotional ballad, 'I Can't Love You Back,' which is currently making its climb up the country charts.