Rory Feek, of the duo Joey + Rory, talks to The Boot about 'A Little More Country Than That,' which he co-wrote with Wynn Varble and Don Poythress. After another artist's record label rejected the song, it was pitched to Easton Corbin, who took it to No. 1 earlier this year. The song is now nominated for two CMA Awards this year, for both Single and Song of the Year.

This song was written one day when Wynn and Don and I were sitting on the porch. Wynn and I are really country ... we live the lifestyle. We really miss and love all of that stuff we talk about in the song. I live on eight acres in an old farmhouse built in the 1870s, with an old windmill from the 1930s and an outhouse I bought for my wife, Joey, on the property. We have a garden, and chickens and cattle, and we just love our life.

So we were just sitting around talking about the simple stuff that we love, and the song just came out in about 45 minutes. I like the ones that come a little quicker, because it feels more like magic. And I like magic.

We actually originally wrote it for Blaine Larsen for his album I was producing a while back, and we thought it was great, but his record label didn't think it was great, so they passed on it. And then [producer] Carson Chamberlain heard it and put it on Easton's album.

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