Dolly PartonDolly Parton is almost as famous for her tiny waist as she is for her ... well, other physical assets. The music icon says she has to work at staying thin.

"I've been every size in the world in my life time, but I've got my weight pretty much where I want it now," Dolly tells GAC. "I'm just a little more conscious of it these days."

Dolly says she sticks to a high-energy lifestyle and a low-carb diet. And she surely burns a lot of calories during her live shows.

"I just have a natural energy of my own because I certainly don't dance, and I'm not great with choreographers. I'm not real big on exercise," Dolly admits. "I'd rather think and write and all that, but I do have to watch what I eat, especially the older I get. I'm a short, little person so I have to really kind of watch the amounts that I eat."

Dolly says one of her biggest fears is not being able to fit into one of her form-fitting dresses that have become her trademark onstage.

"I do have to watch what I eat in order to stay in those costumes, because you can't be overseas and very well find somebody there in that town who can adjust your clothes with all those beads and rhinestones!" she says with laughter. "You have to say, 'I can't eat that because I've got to get in that dress tomorrow!'"