One of country music's most unique groups is the focus of a new reality TV show. 'Discovering Lucy Angel' is set to air on AXS TV in early 2015.

The docuseries follows the adventures of sisters Lindsay and Emily and their mother Kate Anderton -- who together make up Lucy Angel -- as they prepare for the release of their first full-length studio album. The cast also includes father and manager G-Man, sons Fletch and Jake, hit songwriter Anthony Smith, Anthony and Lindsay’s daughter McCartney and the family’s two beloved dogs, Faith and Hope.

"I feel like that's a real strength, is that there's such a variety of characters, and everyone in the family is such a personality," Emily tells The Boot. "McCartney is the biggest star of the whole show, I swear. If there's nothing happening, all you have to do is put on a song, and McCartney starts dropping it like a top! I don't know where she learns these moves, but the girl has got it, and it is the cutest thing you've ever seen."

The show is produced by the same group who produced 'The Osbournes.'

"One of the reasons we think this is such a great fit is that we've kinda built a trust with the production company, and everybody's working toward the same goal," Lindsay says. "We're all on the same team, and we kind of feel like they have our backs. We're obviously trying to show reality, and there are no scripts -- seriously, they just roll the cameras, and we do our thing."

Emily agrees, noting, "They really encourage us to be who we are, and they're not trying to make us be something we're not. That makes it really comfortable for us."

That's not necessarily to say that the family wants to expose all of their most private inner workings.

"So far we have not really turned the camera off, but you do sort of do side signals to people -- 'Wait, I'll talk to you later!'" Kate adds with a laugh.

The biggest adjustment in having the crew in their family home was not what you might anticipate.

"Using the rest room," Lindsay says, as her mother and sister voice a chorus of agreement. "That's when you have to hand signal the sound guy to turn your mic off."

The trio previously released an EP. Their upcoming new album will showcase a broader mix of pop and country, with a more acoustic slant to the arrangements to make the group's signature harmonies stand out. The first single from that project, 'Crazy Too,' is slated to drop in advance of the show via Average Joes Entertainment and G-Force Music Group.

Though they work together and now spend even more time under the additional pressure of being filmed, the women say the togetherness doesn't strain their family bond. Even in the tense moments, they tend to deflect disagreements with humor.

"We all really do love each other," Kate says. "It's a very tight family. And I don't know a family that doesn't argue and have feelings hurt, so it's just a part of life."