David Nail announced the title and track listing for his upcoming album, 'I'm a Fire' last month, and now he has revealed what the next single will be.

The tune, which was written by David Cook, Jay Knowles and Trent Summar, stood out to the Missouri native from his very first listen.

"'Kiss You Tonight' is a song that, the first time I heard it, I knew I was going to record it," he explains. "There was just something about it that made me remember so many songs from the past. It's the song that, there's not a specific thing that jumps out at you, but the first time you hear it, you just know, 'Hey, I want to hear that again."

The song is the second single from 'I'm a Fire,' which he says encompasses his relationship with his wife, Catherine.

“There’s so many moments on this record that make me think about the last four years that I’ve been married, and ‘I’m A Fire’ just sums it all up,” he explains. “[I'm a Fire] says, ‘I’ve walked through flames, come out on the other end, and the foremost reason is because of you.’”

'I'm a Fire' will be released on March 4. Pre-order the album here.