David Nail will release his much-anticipated third studio album, 'I'm a Fire,' on Tuesday (March 4), and he's giving readers of The Boot an early glimpse at one of the tracks.

"'Easy Love' was a song that I had written the verses for about two or three weeks; [I] knew that we were coming up on the last sessions to record," Nail says in the video above.

"It was kinda referenced by my wife that, they always say that when you find the right one, that it can kinda be effortless, and that's what I wanted the song to be about," he adds. "We've got an easy love, it's just like when it was new and starting out, and you couldn't piss the other person off. You could do no wrong."

Nail wanted to take a slightly different angle with the track.

"You don't really hear that many up-tempo love songs, or at least I don't," he observes. "And I sure as heck haven't recorded any. It was probably the most difficult one to capture, recording-wise, of any of the songs. We spent the most time on it. But that probably has something to do with the fact that I wrote it, and wanted to make sure that it was great."

‘I’m a Fire’ is the follow-up to Nail's critically-acclaimed record, ‘The Sound of a Million Dreams,’ which featured the No.1 song ‘Let It Rain’ with Sarah Buxton. The project’s debut single, ‘Whatever She’s Got,’ has already been certified platinum, and recently became his second No. 1 hit.

The 11-song project also includes a collaboration with Little Big Town on ‘When They’re Gone (Lyle County),’ and a duet with Lee Ann Womack on Nail's version of Glen Campbell‘s 'Galveston.'

‘I’m a Fire’ is set for release on March 4. It is currently available for pre-order here.