Darius Rucker may not have been nominated for any CMA Awards this year, but the singer isn't feeling sorry for himself. He vividly recalls his first two nominations in 2009, for Male Vocalist and New Artist of the Year, and is still living off the high of that experience.

"When I got nominated for the first time, it was that first clue that I was really being accepted into the genre," Rucker recalls. "Country music was really accepting of who I was and what I was doing. That was huge for me. When I won that Best New Artist at the CMAs, I still remember that like it was yesterday. That was one of the greatest moments of my musical life."

The Grand Ole Opry member won't have too much time to focus on his lack of nominations this year anyway. He has released the debut single, 'Homegrown Honey,' from his upcoming new album.

“It’s a little different for me. It’s not one of those family songs -- it’s really a country party song,” he says. “It’s talking about some country girl who lives in New York City. It’s got hooks galore.”

Rucker is also crossing the country on his True Believers Tour. See all of his upcoming concerts here, and download 'Homegrown Honey' here.