Sara Kauss, Getty Images for St. Jude Country Music Marathon

It's no secret that country star Craig Morgan is quite the daredevil.

When he's not recording and performing, Morgan hosts 'All Access Outdoors,' for which he takes some pretty extreme trips. And he's not afraid of much in his real life, either; in 2011 he made headlines for running into a burning house to rescue some children, and a few weeks ago he put his EMT skills to use by rushing to assist at the scene of an accident on the highway.

While Morgan has quite a few friends among his fellow country stars, none of them are as passionate about taking risks as he is -- especially Brad Paisley, who Morgan says looks upon his exploits with a particularly skeptical eye.

"I don't know -- I can't get anyone to play with me," Morgan tells the Boot when asked about the other daredevils in country music. "Bucky Covington ain't scared to ride a dirt bike and get hurt. That kid was always out there playing a little bit. And I've asked Paisley quite a few times; he thinks I'm out of my mind. I try to get him to come four-wheeling and stuff. He'll go four-wheeling, but not the way we do it."

Listening to Morgan describing some of his own close calls, it's hard to blame Paisley. "The other day we were filming jumping the side-by-side -- I got the new Arctic Cat Wild Cat -- and I was jumping over a new 40-foot double, and it's the first time I'd jumped the jump (in that vehicle). I over-jumped it by about 10 feet, and it landed on the front wheels, and I just knew I was about to go over, roll over," he relates. "And it managed to sit down."

On a recent dog sledding expedition for the show, Morgan learned an object lesson about extreme cold. "I took my gloves off because I felt I didn't really need them, and in about 10 or 15 minutes I realized there is absolutely no way you can function if you don't have the equipment," he says.

"I also learned a lot about snow blindness. I've heard people talk about that and I experienced it now. You can't leave your goggles off for more than three to five minutes because the snow and the brightness ... I used to look at some of these shows and think, 'Build a fire dude, what are you waiting on?' There's nothing to burn," he says with another laugh. "In any direction as far as you can see there's nothing but white."

The new season of 'All Access Outdoors' premieres on the Outdoor Channel on July 7 at 11PM ET. Morgan also recently put out a new single, 'Wake Up Lovin' You,' from an album he will release later this year.