Jamey JohnsonCountry Throwdown tour ticket holders in Houston (June 9), Dallas (June 10), San Diego (June 17) and Phoenix (June 18) won't be able to see Jamey Johnson, Montgomery Gentry, Little Big Town, Jack Ingram, Eric Church and the other performers at those locales. Low ticket sales, perhaps caused by many concerts at the same time in those areas, forced the cancellation of those stops on the tour, Producer Kevin Lyman said in a statement.

"We are trying to bring a festival style tour with 21 artists, at a reasonable and fair ticket price (average ticket cost $31), but because most markets are currently flooded with shows, we end up cannibalizing one another and someone ends up with lower ticket sales." Kevin said in a statement. "As a result, we can't afford to keep the show on the road for ALL of its intended dates. It's a first year tour and we expected year one to be full of key lessons, so that next year -- and there will be a next year -- is even better."

In addition, the Bakersfield, Calif. concert originally scheduled for June 16 has now been moved to June 18.

Fans and the performers have expressed huge enthusiasm for the tour, Kevin said. He asked in a statement that fans in the canceled markets accept "our sincere apologies" and if they can't make it to one of the remaining Throwdown shows, "expect to see us back in those markets next year. "

Those that hold tickets to the canceled shows can use them at another Country Throwdown date until the end of June, said Kevin in a video statement. If comparable tickets aren't available at the new show, the ticket holder will receive a VIP band that will allow them backstage, he said in the statement.

In addition, ticket refunds for the shows that were canceled are available at the point of purchase.

For more details, go to the tour website.

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