Adding to her long rap sheet, country singer Mindy McCready has been arrested for allegedly assaulting her mother. The incident happened in Fort Myers, Fla. early Saturday morning inside McCready's mother's home. Officers say that the singer was highly intoxicated when she returned home from a restaurant and began fighting with her mother, scratching her across the face. When police arrived, they say MCready would not let them handcuff her and tackled her to the ground.

The singer claims a different story, however, saying the family had been playing Scrabble and got into a heated verbal argument, but that the police were not needed. She also said she was holding her one-year-old baby when officers tackled her, and that she plans to press charges against the police.

The drama continued at the Lee County jail where police say McCready caused another ruckus, forcing them to use a form of pepper spray on her. She was booked on two misdemeaner charges of domestic battery and resisting arrest and was released on $1000 bail.

This incident adds to a long list of troubles for the 'Ten Thousand Angels' singer. In 2004, she pleaded guilty to fraudulently obtaining prescription drugs. In May 2005, she was arrested for DUI. Two days later, her baby's father was arrested for allegedly trying to kill her. In July 2005, McCready was hit with a long list of charges including identity theft and unlawful imprisonment, when police say she and another man stole a truck and forced another woman to accompany them on a mission to steal two luxury boats. Later that year, McCready attempted suicide twice.

McCready is scheduled to appear in court on this latest charge on Aug. 14.