Chuck Wicks is working on finishing his next album following the release of his last single, 'Us Again,' in January.

Wicks is working with Blaster Records on the new release. He signed a deal with the record company in December.

"What was strange about was, I released a thing called 'Rough' on my own, and it got a lot of attention, sold a lot of EPs out of the gate. I didn't really push anything to radio; I just wanted to get new music out there," Wicks tells The Boot. "And Blaster heard the EP and called me in, and said, 'We love the stuff. What's going on with you?'"

Wicks released 'Us Again' with Blaster, and the single hit the Top 40 chart. The upcoming album will also feature 'I Don't Do Lonely Well,' a song that he co-wrote which is also on Jason Aldean's 'Night Train' album.

"We'll have the new record ready to go by probably this fall or winter," Wicks says. "I'll have a new single out in the fall, too... I'm glad to be getting new music out. It's been some time."