Chris Janson has released the second single from his soon-to-be-released debut album.

"Power of Positive Drinkin'" is the follow-up single to Janson's insanely popular "Buy Me a Boat."

"Work sucks, truck died, hot as hell outside, and my AC just broke / The woman I love packed half of my stuff, and she took off down the road / Where she went, I don’t know / But she’s never coming back," Janson sings. "My life feels like a joke / But it hurts too much to laugh."

But Janson doesn't just list the things that are going wrong in his life in this tune; rather, he gives fans who are having a bad day something to rally behind by explaining what to do to make themselves feel better.

“So I go / To that little place where the good times always roll / In the glow of the neon light, where I know / There’s a new song I’ll be singing," he croons. "Before I leave, yeah, I believe in the power of positive drinking.”

"Power of Positive Drinkin'" will be included on Janson's debut album, Buy Me a Boat, which is due out on Oct. 30. Having a release date set for his full-length project is a huge win for the singer-songwriter, who has been met with his fair share of roadblocks: Janson's country music journey started back in 2009, when he signed with Sony Music Nashville, but, after releasing just one single, he was dropped. In 2013, things were looking up for the Missouri native, when he signed with Bigger Picture Music Group ... but he was again met with a hurdle when the label closed in 2014.

Until his album drops, Janson is keeping busy on the road. A list of all of his upcoming tour dates can be found on his website.

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