Chase Rice has revealed some details about the vocal surgery he underwent at the end of 2014.

As Rice's country music career was on the rise, with his album Ignite the Night debuting at No. 1 on Billboard and his single, "Ready Set Roll," receiving platinum certification, the singer was having a difficult time singing due to a polyp on his vocal cord.

"It got to be the fall of 2014, where the work to keep all of this intact and the work to keep it all going, with his career on the horizon, everything going really, really well, it was costing more than he was getting," his speech pathologist, Jenny Muckala, explains.

Rice had just finished his Ignite the Night Tour and was invited to serve as an opening act on Kenny Chesney's highly-anticipated 2015 The Big Revival Tour when the decision was made to have the polyp surgically removed -- a potentially risky surgery that required Rice to remain silent for four weeks following the operation.

"We got to a point where we were basically plateaued," Dr. Gaelyn Garrett adds. "He was not getting better. Basically, the decision for surgery is when we're at a point where he cannot do the things that he needs to do with his voice."

Rice chose to have the surgery right after Christmas -- and, thankfully, it was a success. But while some would have been discouraged by the difficulty, the 29-year-old says that he developed resilience early in his life, which helped him deal with this latest setback.

"I feel like I've had a lot of obstacles in my way my entire life," Rice acknowledges. "With football, I'm right at the pinnacle of my career, looking to go to the NFL, and I turn my ankle. My career is over. Going into my senior year, I'm still trying to play football, even though I'm injured, I'm trying to come back from that, and before that year even starts, I get a phone call from my Mom, saying, 'Chase, come home. Dad died.'"

Rather than becoming bitter, the former Survivor: Nicaragua contestant chose to be grateful for all he had achieved.

"To go from there, through all those obstacles, to walking out on stage, lights up, fans there, and not only am I doing an arena show, but I'm doing it with one of the artists I grew up with, Kenny Chesney, to me that's a dream come true," he says. "It's taken a lot of work and a lot of tough times to get here, but I'm back."

Rice is just one of an impressive list of artists artists, including Old DominionJason AldeanEric ChurchJake Owen and Brantley Gilbert, who are currently crossing the country with Chesney, and he says that he is going to soak in all that he can.

“There are only a few entertainers that continuously set the bar both musically and on stage, and Kenny has always been that guy for me,” Rice says. “The fact that we’re going out on tour with him this year is still surreal. It’s a huge opportunity not only to share the same stage, but also play to a lot of people who may not have seen me live before, who wonder what I’m all about.”

Rice's latest single, "Gonna Wanna Tonight," is currently climbing the charts. Download the song on iTunes, and see all of his upcoming shows on his website.

Watch Chase Rice Perform 'Ready Set Roll'