Charlie Daniels may not have been able to name three Taylor Swift song during his appearance on the Big D and Bubba radio show, but he still had a lot to say about the young star.

When asked if he could name three of Swift's songs, Daniels replied, "No. I could not. But let me tell you something ... I have a great admiration for Taylor Swift."

The country music icon went on to tell the show's hosts about multiple experiences he's had with Swift where she has seemed very down to earth.

"We had her down at the Christmas 4 Kids show one year, the first time I met her, and she was really getting off the ground and then she turned into a humongous star," he said. "And I saw her later, we did a show together up in Canada, and somebody came up to speak to Taylor and she was just as down to earth and just as nice as she had been, which impresses me."

Swift has been in the news lately regarding incidents with stalkers, including a 38-year-old man repeatedly trespassing at her home in Rhode Island as well as a man who has been claiming to be her husband and harassing Swift since 2011.

"I could put an end to that real quick," Daniels said of the issue. "He don't want to come to my house."

Luckily, Swift recently won a three-year restraining order, so Daniels won't have to go through the trouble.