We've already seen the lyric video for "I Am Invincible," but now it is time to see the official video for the song from Cassadee Pope.

Pope fittingly partnered with Seventeen to release her video that is focused on empowering people that are going through though times.

"It's all about how you react to the tough times that stand in your way, and not so much the tough times themselves," Pope tells Seventeen.

The video for "I Am Invincible" was filmed outside of Nashville with director Roman White. Unlike in the fan centered lyric video for this song, Pope is front and center belting out the meaningful lyrics while also playing a part in the storyline. The inspirational song's video focuses around a girl that is being bullied and how she overcomes her torment by realizing what makes her unique is also what makes her ... well, invincible.

“I loved the idea of using imagery that literally builds out the message of being ‘invincible,’" shares Pope. “No matter our age, we all go through stages of life where we need encouragement to power through a rough situation."

“I am Invincible” will be included on Pope’s sophomore album that she is currently working on.

“I’m writing a lot and in the studio a ton, just getting a bunch of demos together and really comparing,” Pope tells The Boot. “I’ve written so much the past 8-9 months that my catalog is ginormous. It’s fun for me to kind of get to sift through and kind of get the best songs of the best.”

Pope burst onto the music scene in 2013 when she released her first album, Frame By Frame, after winning The Voice in 2012.