Carrie Underwood was recently announced as the singer -- and co-writer -- of the closing song in the highly-anticipated film, 'The Chronicles of Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader.' And for one of country music's biggest superstars, the switch to writing and recording for a major film was a welcome challenge.

"I've never written for a movie like this. I've never had this box of these things you write about," Carrie says in a promotional video for the film. "Normally we just go into a writing room and see what happens. There are no agendas, there are no expectations. We just see what we can get. And with this one it was these things, these parameters ... We wanted it to be kind of magical and other-worldly, so we wanted a lot of strings on it. It's a big song. It's a big ballad. When you hear it, you think, 'That should be in a movie.'"

The fictional story, based on the series of fantasy novels written by C.S. Lewis, hit surprisingly close to home for Carrie, and she says will resonate with her fans as well. "There are definite situations throughout the movie, as far as being tempted, that I feel like everybody can relate to," she reveals. "Different characters kind of have their own moments of temptation ... like greed and power and beauty ... and I think we can all relate to all of those."

The song, 'There's a Place for Us,' which Carrie wrote with hit tunesmiths Hillary Lindsey and David Hodges, has a message to which Carrie feels everyone can relate. "It's all about, even when things don't seem so great, there's some place where you're powerful and you're beautiful and you're all the things you strive to be. There's a place where you are in charge in a good way. There's a place where you fit."

Writing the tune gave Carrie a great sense of accomplishment which she's eager to share. "I have always been a fan of the movies and the books, and I thought it would be a really cool thing to be involved with," Carrie notes. "I feel like we all succeeded. I want my fans to listen to the song and feel what the movie was about and the themes in the movie. There's a place that you completely fit in, that you are absolutely amazing. We wanted it to be uplifting. We wanted it to be inspirational. We wanted it to be something that people will listen to and be like, 'Wow, someday I will find the exact place I belong at the exact time that I'm supposed to be there, and that's just a really comforting thought. Just to think, right now it might not be so great, or I might not be exactly at a point where I want to be in my life, but someday it's going to be really wonderful, and I'm going to be the king or queen of my own universe, and be able to do amazing things."

Carrie is becoming a quick study on several aspects of the film industry. She will also star in a movie, 'Surfer Girl,' due to hit theaters next year. Meanwhile, the new bride is busy wrapping up her Play On tour, with opening acts Billy Currington and Sons of Sylvia. Find her tour dates here. 'The Chronicles of Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader' opens nationwide on December 10.