A sign that you've officially made it in the music business is when VH1 dedicates an entire episode of "Behind the Music" to your life. This weekend, an installment of the show will focus on Carrie Underwood and her transformation from Oklahoma farm girl to "American Idol" champ to one of the biggest stars in country music.

While her story is inspiring, the 29-year-old feels that she hasn't been faced with the same struggles as others who have been featured on the program. "I've honestly had a really, relatively charmed life, and I have a wonderful family," says the songstress (quote via Country Weekly magazine). "I don't feel like there's been a ton of things in my life that I've really had to overcome and stuff like that."

However, VH1 producers apparently thought it was important enough to make the small screen. According to the "Blown Away" singer, not only did they interview her and her family, but they also talked extensively with her childhood friends.

"I probably don't even know all the people that they ended up talking to," Carrie explains. "So, it'll be fun for me to sit down and watch it, too. [laughs] I might learn some stuff about myself."

Carrie and fans will gather around the TV on Sept. 30 for the episode's first airing. Go here for more info.

Watch Carrie's Biography

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